Early Academic Skills are the
Best Predictor of Future School Success

Children entering kindergarten with elementary mathematics and reading skills are the most likely to experience later academic achievement.

Kindergarten Achievement
Mastery of early math concepts on school entry is the strongest predictor of future academic success

In 2007, Northwestern University completed a study of unprecedented scope into the factors that affect lifetime academic achievement. By analyzing data from more than 35,000 preschoolers in the United States, Canada, and England, researcher Greg Duncan and his colleagues identified early math skills as the most important predictor of future school success.

Early math skills especially - beginning school with a knowledge of numbers, number order, and other rudimentary math concepts - is of paramount importance to future academic achievement.

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"We find the single most important factor in predicting later academic achievement is that children begin school with a mastery of early math and literacy concepts."

Northwestern University researcher Greg Duncan

"Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement, it also predicts future reading achievement," Duncan said. "And it does so just as reliably as early literacy mastery of vocabulary, letters and phonetics predicts later reading success."

Northwestern University Research, 2007

KinderIQ Helps Children Master the Fundamental Math and Reading Concepts to Excel in the First Years of School

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    Children answer fun, read-aloud questions in adaptive online tests that adjust to each child's skill level.
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    Parents receive immediate feedback and get recommendations for specific learning activities, worksheets, and online games to help with areas in need of improvement.
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    Real-time performance reporting provides insight into your child's learning and helps monitor progress over time.
KinderIQ Online Learning

Check-out our feature-packed, award-winning learning program:

  • Hundreds of online skills questions to practice fundamental kindergarten skills
  • Educational content based on the latest Common Core State Standards
  • Picture Puzzles, Award Ribbons, and Online Coloring reward children as they learn
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  • Access to a complete library of printable skills worksheets and activities
  • Enhanced individual and account-level performance reports to monitor progress
  • Unlockable learning activities and online learning games encourage continued learning
  • Ability to focus on questions by specific learning areas for targeted skill building
  • One low price for a single child with the ability to add additional children at discounted rates
  • Built-in discounts available for classrooms and schools with 25 or more students
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Since 2010, KinderIQ has helped more than 30,000 children prepare for school.

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I'm Wade Luders, the founder of KinderIQ.  My wife and I began creating this online learning platform for our two children in the summer of 2010, just as my daughter was preparing to start kindergarten.

While other online learning "games" existed at the time, what was missing was the ability to adaptively challenge our children, as well as to provide some true insight into what they were really good at and what they could use a little help with.

As we started researching early childhood learning, the importance of fundamental math and reading skills was stated time and again.  Significant studies identified them as the most important factors for school readiness - even more important than temperament, attitude, social status, or raw intelligence!

So we set out to create a learning platform that would provide some really meaningful feedback on our children's strengths and weaknesses and that they would truly enjoy using.  We weren't trying to make an "app" or a diversionary activity to occupy them on long car rides, but instead wanted to build a platform that would provide parents with some really useful insights into their children's learning.

While my kids are now well past their kindergarten years, I still love creating insightful educational material for children and have done my best to continually improve the KinderIQ learning system.  In fact, we're still adding content and making improvements on a regular basis and I'd love to get your feedback on what works best for you and your child and what we can continue to improve upon.

Our goal with KinderIQ is simply to provide real, meaningful insight into your child's learning so that they can be prepared for school and achieve future academic success.  In order to make it affordable for everyone, we only charge $4.95 per month to get started (a one-time payment option is also available).

Ready for Success in Kindergarten

Because I know getting started with new things can be hard, I'm happy to offer the first month of KinderIQ free of charge.  As mentioned above, KinderIQ comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can cancel at any time.

Finally, as we've learned so much since we began our research into early childhood learning; we created a downloadable eBook to help other families best prepare for kindergarten success.  Normally $17, I've decided to include this eBook for free with your KinderIQ membership (which is only $4.95 per month and the first month is free)!

I hope you're able to give KinderIQ a try and that your children love it as much as mine did.

Just the facts:

Early math and reading skills are the most important factors for future academic success.
KinderIQ helps children master fundamental math and reading concepts and provides real insights for parents.
No setup fees, no long-term contracts... Just $4.95 per month, cancel anytime OR choose a one-time payment option.
We offer a 30-day FREE trial!
Receive the Ready for Success in Kindergarten eBook for free with membership.
Join over 30,000 other parents who have helped their children prepare for school with KinderIQ.
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