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Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Rainy Day Activities For Kids

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Slap a Card
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This is a great game to play with nothing more than a deck of cards and two or more players. The parent should be the dealer and the children should be the players. The dealer names which color should be slapped, either red or black. As the dealer flips over cards from the deck, the players should attempt to be the first to slap any cards of the named color. The first to slap the card gets to keep the card. If a player slaps a card that is the wrong color that player loses all of his or her cards. When the dealer finishes the deck the players should count their cards. The player with the most cards wins.

For players that are a bit beyond acknowledging colors, modify this game to odd or even numbers or multiples of a chosen number.

Tour the House
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Tell your child that it's time to take a tour of the house on a hunting adventure. Play this up by putting on special hats and dressing for the occasion. Draw on a piece of paper a specific shape. Tell your child the name of the shape and explain that the two of you are hunting for items in the house that are the same shape. As you walk from room to room speak with a tone of surprise as you each find the shape.

This may also be modified by finding a particular color or texture. For instance, the two of you can hunt down all of the soft items in your home such as blankets, pillows, towels and stuffed toys.

Indoor Soccer
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Yes, indoor soccer! Preschoolers don't often have the leg strength and coordination to kick a soccer ball very hard and loft it into the air. If your child can accomplish one of these actions you may want to rethink where this activity takes place. As you kick the soccer ball back and forth to each other, count the kicks. See how many times you can kick the ball to each other before one of you misses. It's a great counting game and gets you both up on your feet.

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