The Most Important Factor For School Readiness

In 2007, research data from six longitudinal studies covering over 36,000 preschoolers was analyzed to determine factors important for school...


Careers in Early Childhood Education

From the earliest moments of life through childhood, from infants to young children, early education is a fundamental part of...


10 Things Children Should Learn in Kindergarten

The kindergarten year is packed with activities and lessons that children absorb in order to be successful throughout their entire...


Computers For Today’s Children

Getting ready to start school today is dramatically different than it was when we were children in many ways. Children...


Three Early Childhood Writing Activities

Many children begin writing or play writing well before they can read even the simplest words. Something about making letters and...


The Five Domains of Kindergarten Readiness

Ready for school? The National Education Goals Panel* defines kindergarten readiness through five domains or pillars: Physical and Motor Development, Social...

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