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Score is 15th percentile, what does that mean?

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  July 10, 2012 by Anonymous
When we were in Sacramento this week testifying on bhalef of Funding Our Future (related to state-wide educational funding reform), we also spoke with some key staffers on related educational issues and Simitian's bill came up. California is one of only 4 states that has a kindergarten entrance date past Sept. 1st. At issue is loss of school revenue for that first year (fewer kids in kindergarten means fewer dollars to the school) and how that class travels though the system for the following 12 years (and some continued loss of revenue throughout their time in school). There were discussions about phasing in and supplimenting lost revenue. On the other side of the issue are savings that we might see related to the bigger budget story. Some of the assumption is that children who miss the cut off will actually participate in high quality preschool programs so they are ready for kindergarten however the reality is many will not. In LA they are piloting a Junior K program for children that would miss the cut off, giving priority to children that would otherwise not receive a real year of pre-K (guess what it mitigates any savings and actually costs more money however in the long run, it may make class composition stronger and the ability to teach easier .) This is yet another issue that can be seen from many sides. Rachel, thanks for bring it up.
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  August 19, 2012 by Anonymous
A score in the 15th percentile means that approximately 85% of children scored better - however, all of these questions are very subjective so no judgement should be made about any type of score. Simply use it as a comparison tool for information about how other parents are getting their children ready for kindergarten.

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