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I homeschool my two children but how do I make sure they stay socially active?

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  March 14, 2016 by Anonymous
Homeschooling comes with many advantages, but that doesn't mean the path to educational success will be without hurdles. Many parents find that keeping their children socially active is a struggle in a homeschool environment, but with the right preparation, it's possible to ensure your child has a thriving social life.

Network With Homeschool Groups
If you haven't already built bonds with homeschool groups in your area, now's the time to start. Many groups meet regularly for discussions related to learning material and many also enjoy field trips and recreational outings together, giving your child time to get to know others in his situation.

Choose Community Activities
Do you have a budding Babe Ruth or a future prima ballerina on your hands? School isn't the only place to cultivate interests; check out community-sponsored activities, like sports teams, dance classes, and youth groups, to keep your child involved with others his own age.

Foster Existing Friendships
If your child has friends from past stages in life, there's no reason a homeschool environment should affect current relationships negatively. Dedicate time on the weekends to keeping current friendships alive, scheduling play dates and events with children your child is close with.

School may be a built-in social activity, but there are other ways to keep your child socially active. By getting involved in the community and with other homeschooling families, you can foster friendships that will last for years to come.
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  August 5, 2016 by Anonymous
We visit the story times at the library twice a week. We meet with friends at the park at least twice a week. My son also takes a Spanish lesson once a week, the program includes activities such as singing, identifying objects and story telling in Spanish.
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  November 9, 2016 by TexasPink
Join a homeschool co op in your area.
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  June 1, 2017 by Anonymous
Look into your local YMCA for programs to join and any other youth programs that may be in your area.
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  June 26, 2017 by Anonymous
I think you should involve them in play dates, take them to the zoo, museums, with groups, tour groups, any activity where they can be involved with other kids is great.
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  July 8, 2017 by Anonymous
Girl Scouts, boys and girls club, sports in the summer, online home school groups that meet for field trips.

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