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What are some homeschooling tips?

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  March 14, 2016 by Anonymous
Making a decision to homeschool your child is highly significant; after all, the right educational foundation is critical to a child's development and future ambitions. If you feel that homeschooling is the right choice for your child, how you prepare in the initial stages of home-based education can be vitally important. These four tips will help you get started on the right foot, nurturing your child in a way that promotes future growth and development.

Review State Requirements
While homeschooling is permitted across the country, this does not mean all states view home education in the same way. Take the time to familiarize yourself with your local policies and regulations to ensure you know what to expect when it comes to standardized testing and educational benchmarks.

Build a Network of Resources
Your best friends as a homeschooling parent will be - of course! - other homeschool parents. Those a few years ahead of you in the process will likely have access to excellent resources and learning tools that can help you maximize the time you spend helping your child navigate the basics of early education.

Make Use of Technology
Computers and the internet have made homeschooling much easier for parents, providing on-demand access to video tutorials, worksheets, and educational software. While it's important to spend time away from a screen, the right technological supplements can make learning fun and exciting.

Create a Schedule and Stick to It
Like traditional school, homeschooling requires a routine and a schedule. Your child should wake up at the same time every day, get dressed as if he was going to school, and learn certain subjects for specific periods of time during the day, in order to ensure enthusiasm and an appropriate attitude.

Learning to homeschool effectively can really take a few years of hard work and practice, but with the right framework, every child has the potential to succeed no matter where the studies take place.
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  September 2, 2016 by Kay
Organize your lesson plans and share with others; join a homeschool cooperative if possible or find one in your area. Document everything and don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel.
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  December 15, 2016 by Anonymous
Homeschooling doesn't have to look or feel like a physical school really it shouldn't. The fact that you can teach your child 1-1 means that the time spent doing work can be greatly reduced plus a lot of the busy work isn't necessary simce you can asses your child's development more easily. You don't need them to write out the summary of a book to know their reading comprehension if they can easily tell you what's in the book, for example.
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  May 5, 2017 by Anonymous
Be patient and persistent.

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