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What are some ways to keep young children mentally active over summer break?

Looking for things to keep they're minds active when they're not in school, outside of just playing video games.
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  March 14, 2016 by Anonymous
Summer vacation is a much-needed break for children, but can be very overwhelming for adults used to the flow of a typical school day. While there's no reason summer should be all work and no play, encouraging mental activity over the summer will make the transition into a new grade as easy as possible when September rolls around.

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Have libraries, museums, or historical sites nearby? Instead of dedicating a summer day to a movie marathon, take your child to the zoo, the art museum, or a botanical garden to help him learn about the world outside the classroom.

Choose Educational Extracurricular Activities
If you're planning a stint at camp for your child, consider educational opportunities instead. Many summer camps have components based on reading, math, writing, and science, giving your child a fun way to stay engaged all summer long.

Keep Reading
Reading regularly is one of the best ways to keep your child's brains active, even in the dog days of summer. If your child isn't reading actively on his own, you can read to him, or enroll him in a library reading group to make learning a social activity.

Let Technology Take Over
If your child loves smartphone apps or computer games, you have a perfect opportunity to encourage learning. Many apps and games for children are designed with education in mind, giving you a great tool to encourage learning on car rides or rainy afternoons.

Summer will be over before you know it, but that's no reason to avoid educational pursuits. By taking time to foster learning in the off season, your kids will be ready for whatever the upcoming school year has in store.
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  May 16, 2016 by Anonymous
Use any outing as a learning experience; what letter does that sign start with?, how many dollars does this cost? etc.
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  December 19, 2016 by Anonymous
We can engage them in some craft activities, their swimming classes and some more activities like music, dance and playing outdoor games with them.
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  May 15, 2017 by Anonymous
flash cards and educational games like ABC mouse

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