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What are Dolch words?

Are they different than regular site words? Are they used in preschool and kindergarten?
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  March 14, 2016 by Anonymous
Learning to read is one of the biggest hurdles for many children, but also one of the most rewarding accomplishments in early education. As such, there are many theories that go into the practice of helping children overcome this roadblock, ranging from teaching letters to word identification. Prepared in 1936 and initially published in 1948 by Edward William Dolch, many educators see Dolch words as the basis for a success in reading.

There are 220 Dolch service words, all of which are common in human speech. Some are nouns - there are 95 of these not generally included in the 220 service words - while others are subjects, pronouns, adjectives, and verbs, but all are words most young children become familiar with throughout the first few years in school. These words are further broken out into sub categories based on educational level, like primer, first grade, second grade, and third grade, in order to ensure comprehension by all students in each grade.

Most Dolch words are very common, like "a," "and," "like," and "as," and are frequently phonetic, which makes them easy for children to grasp. Whether called Dolch words by name or referred to by concept only, these terms often make up the framework for identification of words, syllables, and letter shapes. These words are also referred to as sight words, due to their easy spelling and pronunciations.

Whether your child is a natural reader or requires a little more time to draw connections, the 220 Dolch words and 95 common nouns are often seen as the basis for literacy, making a rudimentary familiarity vital for every young bookworm.

KinderIQ has a list of the most common site words here and also has printable sight-word flash cards here.
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  August 14, 2016 by Fancy
Common word your child will encounter when reading. They are basic word your child should be familiar with in everyday language. Site word are word that your child remembers through practice. The words are not pronounced phonetically. They don't necessarily follow the sounds of the letter combinations.
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  October 20, 2016 by Anonymous
The Dolch word list is a list of frequently used English words based on children's books in American elementary schools. The list is divided according to the grades in which it was intended that children would memorize these words.

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  August 9, 2017 by Anonymous
Dolch words are the most common words used when reading. Many are words such as was, of, & the that will have to be memorized.(cannot be sounded out). The Dolch words are to be learned as sight words, meaning children should learn to identify them by seeing them, rather than trying to sound them out. Repetition through flashcards/picture cards/story cards, etc will help children solidify them in their minds. Suggestion: Take regular Dolch flash cards and draw a picture within the word to represent it's meaning. You can also write a sentence using the word as well. Have the child picture it in their head, say it, see it, say it, define it. When doing words such as the or of...just create a picture that contain the word such as: The ball is bigger on the left. The boy is taller than the dog. Start with as little as five words at a time and build up to 20. Each child is different and will need accommodations as needed. Work on lists 1-2 weeks at a time. Read books that contain these words and point them out if the child does not.

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