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Are sight words important?

are sight words important because they 'break the rules"
of phonetics and typical decoding ? must every child learn sight words in order to master the English language ?
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  July 17, 2011 by Anonymous
I think sight words are important, however, I don't think every child HAS to learn them inorder to learn the english language.
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  August 9, 2016 by Anonymous
I think that sight words are essential to the english language after phonetics has been appropriately learned.
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  August 15, 2016 by Anonymous
Yes. Some everyday words cannot be sounded out, and many words contain sight words within them. I believe knowing some words on sights helps kids read faster and improves confidence.
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  September 14, 2016 by Anonymous
ya ..they will help the child in reading as kindergarten kids can grasp a lot by sight seeing, which remains in their dormant memory and later helpful to them when they revive wat they learnt as a child. Sight words are helpful as basic for reading.
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  August 3, 2017 by Anonymous
Yes they are important. Those words are we see a lot.

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