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My son has a bit of a lisp, and also has trouble making the th sound (he is 5). Does that mean he may need speech, or even special ed?

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  May 16, 2016 by Anonymous
No. The "th" blend is one that takes more time for a child to be able to pronounce.
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  May 17, 2016 by K. RN
Speech class would be a good option to have him formally tested by local school or MD.
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  February 9, 2017 by Anonymous
My son had the same problem until I had him watch my mouth as I made the "th" sound. Once he was able to position his lips and tongue correctly, he got it! Try that and see if it helps.
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  February 16, 2017 by Anonymous
The "th" sound is sometimes a common issue in speech. He may need speech to work on correcting this. However, if that is the only mistake he is making to give himself a lisp then I wouldn't worry too much. A lisp in and of its self is not an indication of needing special education. Simply a need to work on sticking your tongue between your teeth and blowing a little to make the sound. I am a special education teacher. There are many children who naturally grow out of their speech impediments and some who just need a little help through speech. Speak with your school about it and they will help you sort it out.

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