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What should a kindergartener know before going in to first grade?

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  May 19, 2016 by cepedame at hotmail dot com
tie shoes
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  July 1, 2016 by Anonymous
Letters and sounds, rhyming words, basic shapes, numbers reconize 1 to10, full name, 5 senses, patterns, community helpers, sight words, 8 basic colors
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  December 5, 2016 by Mrs. Banda, K Teacher
Knows all letter sounds
Can recognize all letters
Can read simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words
Can read simple sentences
Knows some sight words
Knows that vowels have 2 sounds; long and short
Can rhyme words

Can write and recognize #1-100
Can count to 100 by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s
Can tell time by the hour
Identify the different coins and their values

Knows colors
Can identify and draw shapes
Knows what 3D shapes are

Can tell what day it is
Can read a calandar

Can tie shoes
Put on their own jacket
Put away their own supplies
Carry their own backpack and lunchbox

Can use a gluestick and scissors

Does not have "tantrums"
Can accept responsibility for their negative choices
Can share
Understands the difference between reporting vs tattling

Can express what they want and how they feel through speech
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  June 2, 2017 by Anonymous
Number, letters, adding ,subtracting, reading level 1,shapes
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  June 13, 2017 by Anonymous
Alphabets reading and writing. Reading small words. Numbers

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