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Which is the best way to teach kindergarteners to read?

which tools would be more effective, classic fairy tales or invented stories?
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  May 19, 2016 by Tweetysgurl24 at aol dot com
Invented stories
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  June 10, 2016 by A
Sounds out letters
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  October 6, 2016 by angel
sounding it out
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  June 10, 2017 by Jo
Invented stories. Let them use their imagination!
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  June 14, 2017 by Anonymous
Do the following with a happy attitude:
1. Sing the ABC song.
2. Read and sing to him/her EVERY day even if the child wants to read the same books over and over. Do it if that will get his/her interest going.
3. Point out letters while you read, on TV, and everywhere you go. Tell your child what letter it is and then ask him/her what letter it is. Do this until you are confident your child knows them all.
4. Point to the words while you read. Read books that are repetitive and rhyme.
5. Use flash cards.
6. Start to point out small common words every where you go and on anything you see in your daily activities. Ask your child what they are. Tell him/her if the child isn't sure. Help him/her sound them out.
7. Keep reading for fun EVERY day and your child will want to learn more. Then one day soon around age 4/5, he/she will surprise you with a big smile and say, "I can do it! I'm reading it by myself! Listen! Let me show you!" and you will be so proud.
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  July 15, 2017 by Anonymous
Sounding out words with them and taking it slow so they really grasp the sounds and words

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