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At what age is it best to start using a formal curriculum for kids?

Locally, kids are enrolled in Nursery at age 3, Kinder at 4, Prep at 5 then Grade on at 6. I have read though that it is "better late than early" to introduce lessons to kids. Based on your personal experience, which one do you prefer?
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  February 11, 2011 by Anonymous
The most important thing is to provide experiences for children that build a base on which to build future academic skills. The very young child develops best by participating in activities that are fun in concert with an adult providing the vocabulary to give meaning to the experience.

By that I mean a child playing with water, eating jell-o or touching a ball can learn about liquids and solids at a very early age; the parent can use the vocabulary "liquid" and "solid" along with other descriptors such as "wet", "spills", "drips", "runny", "hard", "stiff", etc. in an informal and playful way without requiring the child to master the language. Experts say that very young children should not be required to do paper and pencil activities to show what they know. Nursery school and preschool children should participate in developmental activities. Emphasis needs to be given to developing interpersonal relationships and self esteem. There is no substitute for experiences and dialog with parents.

Parents should choose appropriate books to read to their children that are interesting and appealing to the child. They should have colorful pictures that help the child interpret the text and the new vocabulary. Parents can motivate children to use language by asking them questions about the stories that they read to them. It is important for the young child to consistently find joy in these activities. If the child shows disinterest, the parent should set it aside and wait a while longer to give the child the opportunity to mature. Try again at a later date.

Kindergarten is soon enough to become more formal about curriculum keeping in mind the child's physical, intellectual, emotional and psychological development. Remember to keep it fun so the child does not develop a negative attitude toward learning.
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  May 16, 2016 by Anonymous
You can start with a formal curriculum at around age 4.
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  February 16, 2017 by Anonymous
Prep at 5
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  February 23, 2017 by Anonymous
My daughter didn't have interest in lessons. She is hands on and plays independently with learning activities.
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  February 26, 2017 by Anonymous
Age 4

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