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What skills are the best to become a kindergarten teacher?

I'm trying to start a kindergarten teacher career and would like any information on the requirements and how to become a successful kindergarten teacher.
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  February 2, 2011 by Anonymous
Helping young children grow is one of the many remarkable duties that kindergarten teachers have. Assisting the growth and development of a child is truly admirable. However, not everybody is fit for the job. Here are a few of the qualifications and characteristics one should have in order to pursue a kindergarten career.

While many private schools may accept high school graduates as teachers, the standard in the public school system is a Bachelor's degree in education. Depending on the school, you may even need a Master's degree to be competitive. Early childhood educators also need accreditation with the Child Development Association and licensing according to the state level jurisdictions. Obviously, you should check with your State Board of Education for specific elementary school teacher job requirements.

Often, people are born with many of the characteristics needed to become a great teacher. Others need to make adjustments in order to be able to deal with children on a daily basis. A strong desire to work with children, in a patient, caring manner is absolutely a requirement. It takes lots of patience and understanding to help children grow through their school years. The best candidates need to have a warm and friendly disposition towards children and others in order to be able to create a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. Kindergarten teachers have a tremendous influence on children so being able to be a role-model is imperative. Finally, early elementary school teachers need to be able to handle all kinds of potentially stressful situations in a calm and stable manner, as well as be prepared to both discipline and encourage a child based upon the day's behavior.

School teachers are like second parents to children because of all the things they are able to impart to their young students. If you have the qualities and qualifications, there is no better job in the world. And no career is more rewarding.
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  February 3, 2011 by Anonymous
Depending on the state in which you want to teach, you will probably have student-teaching requirements in order to get licensed as a kindergarten teacher. You'll work on things like classroom managment, perfecting a teaching style, handling discipline issues, and communicating with parents (all necessary skills for a career in teaching).
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  January 28, 2017 by Anonymous
patience, compassion, love for kids
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  June 6, 2017 by Anonymous
Patience, a desire to push students to do their best and a willingness to understand and introduce different methods of teaching that benefit students individually and as a whole

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