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Any tips for teaching kindergarten math?

I'm struggling getting even the simplest math and number concepts across to my son. It seems like he should be further along before starting kindergarten and I'd like to work with him beforehand.
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  January 30, 2011 by Anonymous
Most kids in kindergarten are at a certain age where their attention span is quite short so making them listen or concentrate through any lesson can be quite challenging. To best get through to these students, be patient and act like you are one of them. Prepare activities that interest them and present them with a lot of colors and pictures. This way it will catch their attention and hopefully they will not be distracted with any other things.

Teaching math for beginners like young kindergarteners is not an easy task to do. But with proper research and materials you might be able to make your student participate with your lessons more. Activities like matching numbers with pictures of objects will be simple and educational. And can also be a lot of fun if you create it with lots of colors and pictures they can relate to.
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  June 20, 2016 by Anonymous
Use any real world example to teach them. Find number games and that will also help hem.
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  January 30, 2017 by Anonymous
I have used cereal, buttons and things he can touch to count. also
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  March 28, 2017 by Anonymous
Teach numbers 1-10 first, then start minus and addition of numbers 1-10. 5-2=3

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