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Can anyone recommend any Christmas-themed activities to do with pre-school aged kids?

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  June 4, 2016 by Anonymous
Make cookies
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  July 5, 2016 by Anonymous
Decorate pine cones with glitter and glue
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  September 22, 2016 by Courtneyaustin.jea at gmail dot com
paint baby bottoms in orange to paint bumpkins,
paint feet and use them as stamps to paint Christmas tree, alternate green shades of colors for better effect. let dry and decorate with (colors) construction paper shapes.
mix food coloring with water in spray bottles to paint snow.
reindeer hand antlers, foot makes head, glue on nose mouth and eyes, could make all 11 reindeer with different expressions to mix with emotions lesson.
Rudolph has a red nose, have little ones paint nose red and use nose as paint brush to trace shapes.
soil lesson, mix dirt and water to make Santa cookies. talk about consistence and concentration and mix very little dirt in water for coco.
alphabet elf cut out letters using them for body shapes and make elf for example letter O for face, P for ears, capital D for mouth uppercase I or lower case l for limbs u's for fingers, Z for curly hair, A for hat, lowercase e for eyes, Q for big body, Y for chest and torso of small body.... you get the picture be creative.
left foot red right foot green, then lay down foot prints, sometimes two reds in a row or 2 greens make them hopppppp, shouting left or right.
create a life size paper friend to hang on the wall/ naked (not anatomically correct) /each day create something new for your friend to wear, covering all body parts in the end, goal talk about weather (is it warm enough for this season) Colors (does it match Christmas theme) Body parts (name and location of body parts) funny socks might cover the ankles, shoes will protect the feet, heal and toes, bracelet for wrist, collar (neck), long sleeves cover forearm, belt (hips) pants covers (thighs, knees and legs) hat covers (head)
make opposite ordiments you each make an ordiment opposites of each other. tac (scrambled) them up on a paper Christmas tree (up/ down, yes/ no, left/right, in/out, night/ day, wet/dry. hot/cold.) then leave string available for the little one to go to wall using the string to wrap around the tac of up and connect it to its opposite down. then its a matching game as well.
that idea also works well in felt and matching letters to letters (uppercase, lowercase) or letters to pictures

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