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My daughter is starting kindergarten next year, what do I put in her backpack?

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  December 1, 2010 by Anonymous
The teacher or school should be able to provide some guidance, but be sure to include a snack (or even lunch if it's a full-day class) and maybe a folder to bring some papers home in.

Also, local stores (like Walmart) often have lists by school of what children should bring on the first day. Some teachers like children to bring crayons and pencils (jumbo size), erasers, and a few sheets of loose paper.

Also, don't forget a sweater or jacket in case your daugther gets cold.

A favorite toy is generally not a good idea, as it can easily become a distraction, except on Sharing Day, of course!
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  January 30, 2011 by Anonymous
From another blog posting I wrote previously... Not necessarily just for young ones, but applicable to anyone packing a backpack for school these days...

I love being prepared. Like Melanie Parker in 'One Fine Day', I want to be able to create a super hero costume from the contents of my purse. Or in this case, backpack. I want to be prepared for any situation. I want to have a snack available for those days when I forgot to eat as I rushed out the door. I want to have all my books, notes, and everything else I need for class. However, I need to be able to carry my backpack without pushing a wheelbarrow.

I've found a system that works well for me. I have a spot on the side of my work area that houses my books and supplies for school. Each night, I grab all the books and supplies I need for the following day and put them into my backpack. Since mornings are a mess, I need this packed the night before. I make sure I have everything I need. I like to pack homework that doesn't need to be done yet in case I find some extra time.

Technology has made things more compact, so instead of a CD player and my folder of French CDs, I have loaded them onto my iPod, saving room and weight. As you pack your backpack, look for things that you don't need and things that you wish you had. Decide what is necessary and what can wait until you get back home.

Pack everything so you know where to find it and it is all secure. Make sure you can tote it around on your back without the need for a chiropractor at the end of the week. And if you can still fit in that extra snack, you'll probably appreciate it later.
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  February 1, 2011 by Anonymous
Kindergarteners often have crafts and special activities and most often the teacher will give a student a list of things that they will need for the days ahead activity. Though there are some items that are very important like colors, glue, scissors and also the basic stuff like paper and pencils. Check with your child's teacher if they will be doing any special activities.
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  March 14, 2016 by Anonymous
The start of Kindergarten is a big adventure, especially if your child hasn't had much classroom experience. It's only natural to be worried, excited, or a little bit of both, but with the right attitude and appropriate preparation, you can make sure the first day of school is a smashing success.

Any Required School Supplies
Many schools post supply lists a month or two prior to the start of a new term. If your school participates in this practice, be sure to purchase everything on the list, even if you're not sure how supplies will be used. Teachers know best what will be needed in the upcoming year, so it's up to you to be prepared for anything.

Lunch or Lunch Money
If your child is enrolling in full-day Kindergarten, a lunch or money to purchase one is necessary. If you're not sure which option is best, feel free to speak with school administrators to see what the trend is in your school, and plan accordingly. If your child is not good with money, a bag lunch may be the better solution.

Folders and Writing Utensils
Even if there is no supply list posted, it's always better to be prepared. Pack your child's backpack with some basics, like pencils, markers, crayons, and folders with pockets. Let your child know that all important papers need to go directly into a folder to ensure you don't miss any permission slips or important notifications.

Tissues and First Aid Supplies
Sniffles, sneezes, and spills can happen to any child. Many teachers keep these supplies on hand, but the last thing you want is a playground accident with no access to Band-Aids or a surprise cold without any tissues.

A Good Attitude
Even if your child is unsure about starting school, it's important to stay happy and positive about the upcoming school year. Let your little one know how important school is and how much fun he will have to ensure the best possible experience on the big first day.
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  April 24, 2017 by Anonymous
Change of clothes, folder etc

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